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About ILCO

ILCO & Students

Gain official accreditation • Develop specialized expertise • Enhance efficiency

Students, with ILCO, you can gain accreditation and professional recognition for entry to the legal practice, access knowledge and experience through this specialized network, ensure continual improvement and increase the value of your contributions.

Exam Schedule

List of Colleges

Student Membership

You may be admitted as a Student Member of ILCO if you:

  • Have attained the age of eighteen (18) years:
  • Are enrolled in a law clerk certificate/diploma course (or equivalent) offered by an Ontario educational institution and approved by the board of directors or are enrolled in a course in preparation for the Associate's examination at the time of seeking admission as a Student Member; and
  • Are not in Qualifying Employment at the time of seeking admission as a Student Member.

As soon as a Student Member obtains Qualifying Employment that person shall apply forthwith for admission as an Ordinary Member.

For information regarding membership please contact Stella De Billy via

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