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Law Clerk

A trained professional doing independent legal work, which may include managerial duties, under the direction and guidance of a lawyer and whose function is to relieve a lawyer of routine legal and administrative matters and assist them in the more complex ones.

The place of the Law Clerk

In the modern lawyer's office in Ontario it has now become firmly established and is well recognized by the legal profession. In the development of up-to-date business methods, to keep pace with mounting competition and overhead costs, it is certain that the employment of Law Clerks, as it has increased over the past few years, will continue to expand. Law firms, corporate and governmental legal departments are now constantly challenged to provide the highest level of service at the lowest possible cost. The integration of law clerks into the appropriate level of any legal services organization (from sole practitioner to multinational corporation) can provide very effective and cost efficient benefits, with the advantage that a law clerk's services are always provided under the direction and supervision of a lawyer.

Generally...a law clerk shall:

  • Have a general knowledge of the law, practice and procedures involved within the particular field of specialization;
  • Provide services according to the specifications of statutory requirements, The Law Society of Ontario, principal's instructions and office procedures;
  • Assist in maintaining the authority and dignity of the courts and the integrity of the legal profession;
  • Conduct oneself in a professional, diligent and ethical manner.