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Textbook and Reference Requirements

2024-2025 Required Textbook: TBA 

Additional Materials:

ILCO’s Litigation Supplemental Material, 4th Edition Emond Montgomery (ISBN 978-1-77255-530-1) ILCO litigation supplementary material

Civil Litigation, Revised Fourth Edition, 2020 Olivo and Kelly; Emond Montgomery (ISBN 978-1-77462-188-2) 

Recommended Reading:

Ontario Litigator’s Pocket Reference, 2024 Edition Ira Nishisato; LexisNexis Canada (ISBN/ISSN: 9780433527978) Ontario Litigator’s Pocket Reference, 2024 Edition.  You may purchase the print or digital version

Rules of Professional Conduct  The Law Society of Ontario,

Pocket Dictionary of Canadian Law, 5th Edition, Daphne Dukelow; Thomson Reuters (ISBN 9780779836888)

Recommended Websites:

The Sedona Conference:

Ontario Statutes and Regulations are available online at 

Courts of Justice Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. C.43

Rules Of Civil Procedure

Rules Of The Small Claims Court

Federal Statutes and Regulations are available online at

Ontario Court Forms are available online at

Canadian Judicial Council – News and Publications and Technology Issues are available online at

Information regarding court fees, court addresses and phone numbers etc. is available by following the links online at and

Fees are also available on CanLII  Court Fees

Information regarding pre-judgment and post-judgment interest rates is available at

Practice directions are available online at

Daily Court Lists for the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) and the Ontario Court of Justice are available at

Court transcripts – to find an authorized court transcriptionist in Ontario