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ILCO Associate Program


The Corporate course examines the various types of business ownerships. The course places particular emphasis on the following topics: the corporate and administrative procedures involved in preparing and filing articles of incorporation; organizing a corporation by way of a minute book; preparing and filing relevant incorporation-related documents that relate to the composition of a corporation i.e. articles of amendment, annual returns, extra-provincial filings, and dissolutions; financing issues and relevant searches; and share purchase agreements. In this area of law, students should be familiar with the Act(s) governing the formation and operation of a corporation. This course is especially appropriate for those currently employed as law clerks or experienced legal assistants.

The Corporate course is offered annually and usually runs from March – June. The course is online and through self-study.  For more details regarding these methods of learning, click here. Course registration link for 2021 will be live soon: 

  • Scheduled for 13 lectures (Thursdays) Starting April 1, 2021 to June 24, 2021.No holidays in between. Exam date: July 8, 2021