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Exam Format

DATE: JULY 20, 2023

The exam will be completed via an internet based computer delivery platform. Each exam taker will be provided with a voucher code. An email will be sent to each test taker after they schedule their exam giving them direction on completing the exam, testing their system and confirmation of the scheduled exam time.

  • Technical Considerations

    The technical requirements for your exam candidate to take an online exam with a live proctor are found on most computers. No proprietary hardware or software is required. Our process of conducting a system check ensures that the selected computer will work. The minimum set of requirements is identified here and includes the basic requirement for internet access:

    1. Photo Identification (passport, government-issued ID or equivalent).
    2. Clear desk area with no papers, books or notes.
    3. A well-working computer with 500 MB of RAM or higher.
    4. A reliable high-speed internet connection (115kps or higher).

      **Note that a wireless internet connection is not recommended.  ILCO will not be responsible for disconnection issues due to insufficient bandwidth.

    5. Any webcam with 640x480 video pixel resolution (a laptop camera is acceptable).
    6. Working speakers connected to the computer.
    7. A microphone connected to the computer (consider a webcam with a built-in microphone).
    8. Permission to connect to your computer.
    9. Any of the following web browsers with Adobe Flash Player installed (Flash Player 10 recommended):
    • PC: Internet Explorer 7-10+ or Firefox 3 – 18+, Chrome 13+, Opera 11+
    • Mac: Safari 4 – 6+
    • Newer versions work as well as they are constantly upgrading.


Location Room


DATE: OCTOBER 28, 2023