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Learn FAQs

Learn FAQs

  • Tell me about your Associate Program.

    ILCO offers a two year, four course Associate Program. The Program consists of litigation, corporate, real estate and estates law. Courses are offered in class at limited locations and online in conjunction with OntarioLearn. The courses begin in September and continue through to late spring. There are no Associate Programs offered during the summer.

  • What are the Associate Program course prerequisites?

    Our Associate Program is designed to enhance the education and skills of law clerks already in the profession, expand the knowledge of experienced legal assistants, and provide the basic academic foundation needed for people with legal experience planning a career as a law clerk. A minimum of Grade 12 and two years of legal experience is recommended. 

  • Do I have to take all of the Associate Program courses?

    In order to be a full graduate of our Associate Program, you must successfully complete examinations in all four areas of law. The passing grade is 60 percent and honours is 80 percent or higher. 

  • Are Associate Program courses offered through online learning?

    The Associate Program is available through online courses accessible via web browser from anywhere in the world and are well-suited to those who need a more flexible study schedule.  These courses are offered through

    Students register for the Associate Program courses through their preferred community college.

    The OntarioLearn online courses are delivered through the OntarioLearn Portal, which is a gateway to your online learning. The registering college assigns your Portal account for centralized access to: all your online courses, information about services and resources, and OntarioLearn communications such as announcements. Once in the Portal, and if your courses are open, it is easy to connect through the OntarioLearn Learning Management System.

    For further information, visit the website at

  • Are Associate Program courses offered through self-study?

    While ILCO does not offer any correspondence courses per se, it is possible to self-study and write the scheduled examinations where, for example, an individual is unable to attend one of the college campuses offering our program or does not wish to pursue online learning.

    Self-study students do not have access to an instructor.

    Please contact the Education Coordinator at ILCO for further information.

  • When are the Associate Program examinations written?

    The final examination is set by ILCO at the completion of each course.

    There are two (2) examination dates for each course. The exams are uniform across the province and are worth 100% of your mark. Our exam and course schedule page of this website provides details about the exam registration, exam dates and exam locations as well as specifics regarding the exams. 

  • How do I register to write an Associate Program examination?

    You must register directly with ILCO to write the final examination. The examination registration form is located in the front of the course syllabus and on our website at

    Please review the form carefully. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheque or money order are acceptable methods of payment. We also accept cash payments at the ILCO office.  Your registration may be completed online. mailed, faxed to 416-214-6255 or emailed to

    Your registration will not be processed unless the form is properly completed, signed, dated and is accompanied by the appropriate fee.

  • What employment opportunities are available?

    Our Associate Program program will provide you with the academic foundation to begin a career as a law clerk. Your academic training will need to be supplemented with job experience.

    In addition to law firms, employment opportunities include the legal departments of local, provincial and federal governments, banks and trust companies, as well as commercial and industrial corporations.

    For a variety of available Law Clerk positions, be sure to check out the Job Hotline on this website.

  • Official Transcripts

    To order an Official Transcript from ILCO, please fill out the Associate | Fellowship Official Transcript Order Form, which can be found in the ILCO Store.

  • Replacement Certificates

    To order a Replacement Certificate from ILCO, please fill out the Associate | Fellowship Replacement Certificate Form, which can be found in the ILCO Store.